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    Zokko LLC is the leading Ukrainian commercial and industrial group in the field of wood and leather industry as well as construction and design services. Once created, the company went further by extending the scope of its activities, thereby providing a more comprehensive and comfortable products and services to its customers.

    European-oriented company aimed for success, quality and innovation has taken a strong position on the market. By combining professional knowledge, rich experience and skills of staff from a range of industries, the company has managed to introduce a large number of interesting and successful solutions.

    Team of Zokko LLC - a circle of professionals who are able to combine a high-tech quality and full compliance with modern standards.

    The mission of the company is to provide the knowledge and resources to the successful development of companies of their clients.

    We always managed to have success in their field, offering consumers another, better way to being ready to defend their positions.

    Our way of life - this is the image that we live in, the things that we buy, it's what we believe - that's who we are.

    Our clients

  • Portfolio

    Shop Equipment

    Shop Equipment made from natural wood - showcases, racks


    Bags, cases, boxes of wood for storage and display

    Wine Industry

    Wine bars decoration, cellars, tasting rooms with special shelves and shelves of wood

    Interior Decoration

    Bar counters, exclusive furniture, decoration of wood

    Beauty Industry

    Accessories for cosmetics and personal care products made ​​from natural wood

    Russian Saunas

    The solution for fitness centers, SPA salons and private cottages, cooperage


    Laying, food supplies for catering


    Facade signs and billboards from natural wood

    Garden Decoration

    Swimming pools, porches, flooring, pergolas

    Master Chef

    Kitchen professional workstation objects made ​​of wood


    Wood or leather cover and cases with your logo


    Individual products development from wood

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    17th Krasnogvardeyskaya St.,
    Zaporozhye, Ukraine, 69002
    Sales Department
    Phones: + 38 (096) 795 93 43
      + 38 (066) 879 23 73
    Fax: + 38 (061) 213 88 02
    E-mail: info@zokko.com.ua
    Foreign Economic Activities
    Phones: + 38 (050) 665 91 79
    E-mail: info@zokko.com.ua Skype: zokko.com.ua
    Developers Department
    Phones: + 38 (098) 901 42 29

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  • Shop Equipment

    Grocery shelves, inventory story showcases, promotional stands, etc.

    Shop Equipment – this is a cut that will reflect the unique features of your product line is. Properly designed shelving not only demonstrates the range, but also displays its inner essence: freshness and taste (for the product group), uniqueness, sustainability, authenticity (for the non-food group).

    Zokko Company helps you with a professional organization of the floor space. Develops, manufactures and installs commercial equipment made ​​of natural wood:
    – grocery shelf shelving, inventory story showcases (original design decisions) for APC products;
    – creative stylistic design of display stands, showcases for nonfood group.

    Each project is individually designed according to the wishes, the concept and the planned budget of the customer.

    Variants of economical equipment outlets, supermarket departments serial modules to copyright design and execution of individual objects.

  • Interior Decoration

    Bar counters, exclusive furniture, décor of natural wood and other

    Well thought out and designed interior contributes to the wide variety of tasks, from relaxing to the maximum concentrating attention and psycho-physical human resources.

    If your goal is to create a quiet and cozy atmosphere in the cafe, restaurant or bar, a lounge area, design office or hotel decoration and furniture made of wood is the best to cope with her decision.

    Office or business area, decorated in the style of eco-underground, not only will focus, but also demonstrate the originality of thought and taste of the owner.

    Zokko Company helps you with the development of interiors, interior finishes and manufacturer of natural wood decor, interior, object functionality (bar counters, service bars, lounge areas, lobby), furniture for cafes, bars, restaurants, shopping and other facilities.

  • Laying

    Crockery, cutlery, trays, dishes, etc.

    Today, it is not good enough to cook the food. It is also necessary to know how to properly serve and beautifully and artfully apply. Only in this case, the process of everyday eating takes on a special meaning, it becomes almost a ritual.

    Professional modern crockery, cutlery, serving trays, waiters trays, coasters, dishes, cutlery and accessories made ​​of wood for restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels, catering and foodservice, serial or manufactured individually to the style and direction of your institution. All this, of course, emphasize and complement the palatability of cooked dishes.

  • Master Chef

    Making professional workplace objects made ​​of wood

    An integral part of the success of almost any business - harmoniously organized workplace.

    Professional chefs, we offer cutting boards, containers for ingredients and other wooden utensils premium. With such 'helpers' Your everyday work as a process of creativity and cooked meals will become more and more refined taste.

  • Packaging

    Bags, Cases, boxes of natural wood for storage and display

    It is no secret that any commodity, like a person, first of all, 'meet on clothes'. Packaging accurately be called a business card product that reflects the essence of the content, the ratio of producer to the product, and often it adds weight and value.

    We offer individual development and manufacturing of modern eco-friendly packaging, exquisite covers, cases, boxes of natural wood for storage and display of collectible editions of books, coins, precious metals and products, souvenirs, leather goods, and other premium beverages.

  • Beauty Industry

    Accessories for cosmetics and personal hygiene items made ​​of natural wood

    Natural cosmetics — no accident the most current trend in personal care. It's not just the direction of the beauty industry, it's a whole philosophy. Natural organic cosmetics to be everything from the product to the packaging. Hallmark of natural cosmetics is understated and concise package, usually without an amount of glass and metal, suitable for further processing.

    In this section we offer a place of natural materials and beauty in order to create your unique product.

    Development and manufacturing of packaging with elements of natural wood for cosmetics production stands, packaging, grounds for brushes, combs, manicure and pedicure tools and other accessories made from natural hardwood timber.

  • Signs

    Facade signs and billboards of natural wood

    Sign — it's not just information plate. This person company. Quintessence of her spirit. Identification mark, which will attract to your institution is your target audience.

    Original sign will provide office, shop or restaurant of the same circle of similar institutions, reflect the high status of the owner, his extraordinary taste and style. Let active work will begin only after six months, or even opening will happen in the distant future — colorful, catchy, interesting title is not just remembered, and prepare the target market to your appearance.

    We offer individual development and manufacture of signs and billboards from natural wood and other materials that best captures the essence of the style and the level of the company.

  • Branding

    Wood, leather covers , leather cases , covers , cases with company attributes the organization

    Time doesn't spare. Things that will pass the test of time, acquires a special value and meaning. And in everyone's life there are things that he would like to carry through the years, as long as possible while keeping them intact. This may be the anniversary edition, company or family photo albums, and possibly valuable gift business partner or loved one — anything that will bring joy even decades later.

    Leather or wood binding, cover or card holder branded with the company logo will not only serve as a reminder, but also adds a special elegance, quality factor, exclusivity and prestige of your gift.

    We offer individual development and production of leather and wood bindings, covers, card Holders, taking into account exactly your taste preferences and wishes, as well as highlighting the style and class of your organization.

  • Wine Industry

    Wine bars, cellars, tasting rooms with special shelves and shelves of wood,
    professional registration of premises for storing and serving wine

    History of wine making more than one hundred years. Manufacture of intoxicating beverage has long evolved from a conventional process in the whole philosophy.

    Creating a wine does not begin in the halls of plants, and even in the vineyards, where each vine is nurtured, where the energy of the sun nourishes each berry, where the land itself gives their best juices to subsequently just one sip could tell how much work and love has been invested in it.

    And even in the cellars of the wine should remain 'alive'. We propose to preserve 'native' environment for him, filling out your wine cellar equipment from natural, environmentally friendly wood:

    — holders for wine bottles;
    — wooden wine cabinets;
    — desktop and wall racks;
    — racks to be placed in the center of the room;
    — showcase for wines;
    — racks for sparkling wines;
    — furniture for wine bars and other.

    Will assist in the professional design of premises for storage and delivery of wine.

    Develop an individual design enotecas in wine bars, HoReCa (hotels, restaurants, cafes), retail outlets, as well as in home cellars, kitchen areas and residential areas.

    Modern design solution, optimum functionality in conjunction with the technical perfection of performance will allow you to ensure the proper storage of wine, as well as to optimize the functional space of the room.

    Give your product worthy of his faceting!

  • Russian Saunas

    Russian banja is a particular local type of saunas.

    Time spent in a good bath or sauna, can not be lost in vain. Hot air is impregnated with essential oils and wood phytoncides in most cases it becomes precisely the salve that heals the body and spirit.

    It is imperative that the materials used in construction, finishing facilities, creating additional inventory were natural and environmentally friendly.

    The most suitable material for the Finnish sauna, Russian baths or Japanese ofuro is wood and its derivatives.

    Worth it is determined primarily by the fact that even after cutting the tree remains 'alive'. It breathes, absorbs and releases moisture, retains heat well. Among other things, such breeds as cedar, pine, aspen also possess pronounced antiseptic properties.

    Unique features oak are widely used in cooperage: barrels for storing wine and brandy. This breed is not only a long time and retain high quality beverage, but also gives it a special, unique taste and color.

    We offer, as already finished products (barrels, vats, tubs), and individual developed "from scratch" for a specific customer products.

    With our help, you can make your leisure time more healthy and 'delicious'.

  • Garden Decoration

    Pools, porches, flooring, pergolas

    Your home — your castle. But it's not necessarily that it resembles a medieval fortification.

    Entrust our masters to create a cozy and comfortable corner in your estate. Zokko Company ready to offer:

    — gazebos and wooden shelters;
    — ramps and cover the area near the pool;
    — terraces;
    — wooden furniture (chairs, tables, hammocks, loungers);
    — wooden tubs for plants and more.

  • Outsorcing - Individual production

    Here you can design and order what you do not find in the previous sections

    Zokko Company offer cooperation in terms of outsourcing. If you have ideas and still waiting for incarnation, if your implementation is not enough time and manpower, we are pleased to take this job on ourself.

    Zokko™ creates partnerships and excels in skills mix knowledge and experience from a variety of industries to create an interesting and successful projects.